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99 Questions TAG by Alex !

Miałam inny pomysł na post - chciałam napisać o moim wyjeździe do Warszawy, ale postanowiłam konsekwencje tego wyjazdu bieżąco opisywać na fanpage'u Lifestyle Tomboy, więc lajkujcie nasz fanpage!
Dziś zrobię dla Was 100 Questions TAG, co będzie też zrobione przez każdą autorkę tego bloga! Do końca marca będziemy Wam zdradzać co nieco o sobie! :D
Miłego czytania/oglądania i do zobaczenia w poniedziałek na naszym kanale na Youtube!

I had another idea for the post - I wanted to write about my trip to Warsaw, but I decided to keep the consequences of this trip on our fanpage Lifestyle Tomboy, so like our fanpage!
Today I will do for you 100 Questions TAG, which will also be done by all of authors of this blog! The end of March, we will reveal to you a little bit about ourself! :D
Read/watch and see you on Monday at our channel on Youtube!

99  Questions TAG by Alex !
1:Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
2:Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
Yes, because sometimes they have better shampoos than mine ._."
3:Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
Tucked in!
4:Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
No...yet :)
5:Do you like to use post-it notes?
I love it!
6:Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
ALWAYS, but when I cut that I always forget that I have that...
7:Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
All sounds terribly...I dunno... I think I have more chance to survive if I will be attacked by swarm of a bees xd
8:Do you have freckles?
Only in summer time~ Btw.. I'm in love in freckles...
9:Do you always smile for pictures?
very rarely... I don't like my smile :<
10:What is your biggest pet peeve?
11:Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
No... But I will try!
12:Have you ever peed in the woods?
13:What about pooped in the woods?
14:Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing?
The best music is in my head 8D

15:Do you chew your pens and pencils?
Of course. On the one hand I think this is a little sexy....

16:How many people have you slept with this week?
Only with me! Only! I think... YES! Nobody!
17:What size is your bed?
Not so big, only for one person~
18:What is your Song of the week?
you must listen and watch that!
19:Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
It's ok for girls to wear blue, so why not~
20:Do you still watch cartoons?
Sometimes~ I don't have a TV on my room.
21:What's your least favorite movie?
50 Shades of Grey (so bored XD)
22:Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
I think in garden~ This is very magic place :3
23:What do you drink with dinner?
Coffee or coca cola
24:What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
Garlic dip... I know.. but I'm so addicted T_T"
25:What is your favorite food?
I love Thai food which always makes my friend Hiro!
26:What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Yes or No 1 & 2, all movies with Johnny Depp.
27:Last person you kissed/kissed you?
I kissed a lot of people last time so I dunno who was last XD"
28:Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
No o.O"
29:Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
No, but if I will have a chance I WILL, because WHY NOT. 8D
30:When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
A long time ago... I really want to write a letter !
31:Can you change the oil on a car?
YES and I know I SHOULD DO THAT. (sorry Renia...)
32:Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
NOT YET (I should) I FEEL SO LUCKY LUCKY! *happy dance*

33:Ever ran out of gas?
NEVER! AGAIN lucky me!
34:Favorite kind of sandwich?
I don't really like a sandwich, but I'm traditional: ham&cheese <3
35:Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Pancakes with Nutella & Strawberry jam.
36:What is your usual bedtime?
Just... go to sleep..
37:Are you lazy?
38:When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
I always was myself... yeah...
39:What is your Chinese astrological sign?
40:How many languages can you speak?
I can speak German, English and some Japanese..
41:Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
42:Which are better legos or lincoln logs?
43:Are you stubborn?
I don't know..
Alex: Dan, Am I stubborn?
Dan: Yes, you can.
44:Who is better...Leno or Letterman?
45:Ever watch soap operas?
46:Are you afraid of heights?
A little, but I have spatial anxiety.
47:Do you sing in the car?
Soon in our YT channel! 8D
48:Do you sing in the shower?
No, this is a place for thinking about life.
49:Do you dance in the car?
50:Ever used a gun?
Yes, but legally!
51:Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
2nd March~

52:Do you think musicals are cheesy?
I thinkg musicals are awesome! Everyone should go and watch that show!
53:Is Christmas stressful?
I love Christmas. For me it's time of happiness!
54:Ever eat a pierogi?
I'm Polish. I was born to eat pierogi.
55:Favorite type of fruit pie?
I don't like a fruit pie....
56:Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
I don't remember...
57:Do you believe in ghosts?
58:Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
often... this is very weird feeling...
59:Take a vitamin daily?
Yes! Everyone should do that!
60:Wear slippers?
No, I don't like ~
61:Wear a bath robe?
Yes, but sometimes someone steals it from me~
62:What do you wear to bed?

63:First concert?

Sinead O'Connor!
64:Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
65:Nike or Adidas?
Nike forever~
66:Cheetos Or Fritos?
67:Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
Peanuts sauce, roasted sunflower seeds!
68:Ever hear of the group Tres Bien?
No @_@
69:Ever take dance lessons?
Yes, I finished last month a modern dance~
70:Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
Everything what wants, if spouse will be happy I will be happy too.
71:Can you curl your tongue?

72:Ever won a spelling bee?
No, we don't have a contest like this~~
73:Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
I cried three years ago, when I with my bff won a dance contest.
74:Own any record albums?
75:Own a record player?
76:Regularly burn incense?
not regularly but I like that smell
77:Ever been in love?
Many many times...
78:Who would you like to see in concert?
Amber with f(x) <3
79:What was the last concert you saw?
Block B~!

80:Hot tea or cold tea?
hot hot hot~~
81:Tea or coffee?
Coffee! Shall we go together?~
82:Sugar or snickerdoodles?
I don't like sugar~
83:Can you swim well?
84:Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
I don't know how to do that...

85:Are you patient?
For some people
86:DJ or band, at a wedding?
I have never been at a wedding...
87:Ever won a contest?
Dance contest many times~
88:Ever have plastic surgery?
No and I think I don't need that~
89:Which are better black or green olives?
90:Can you knit or crochet?
No, I really really want!
91:Best room for a fireplace?
I think living room~~
92:Do you want to get married?
93:If married, how long have you been married?
94:Who was your HS crush?
One cosplayer person~.
95:Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?
I always do that..
96:Do you have kids?
97:Do you want kids?
No, never, no.
98:Whats your favorite color?
Blue! You can see that on my tumblr!
99:Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes so much...

To wszystko na dziś ode mnie! Do zobaczenia wkrótce z kolejnym tagiem zrobionym przez jedną autorek tego bloga! :D
Pytanie kierujcie tu <3

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  1. Bardzo fajna notka :) pomimo iż nie kiedy musiałam sięgać po słownik, to przyjemnie się czytało odpowiedzi po angielsku. Z niecierpliwością czekam na jutrzejszego vloga *-*